Janet Bravo stands on 34th Avenue, looking into the camera, wearing a baseball cap and apron.
Janet Bravo on 34th Avenue in March 2021

Janet Bravo

After Janet Bravo lost work at her food truck in Harlem, she took to selling homemade food closer to home: on 34th Avenue’s median, right outside her apartment.

Jim Burke stands on 34th Avenue, looking at the camera and smiling. He wears a visor and a bright orange, high visibility safety vest. The sun is shining and figures of people are behind him.
Jim Burke on 34th Avenue in June 2021

Jim Burke

Jim Burke, a community leader who co-founded the 34th Avenue Open Streets Coalition, has found new purpose in reimagining street life.

Mickey Lin sits at her station near the Jackson Heights Greenmarket.
Mickey Lin sits at her station near the Jackson Heights Greenmarket in June 2022

Mickey Lin

Selling homemade treats on 34th Avenue has connected Mickey Lin to her neighbors and provided an escape from the daily pressures of parenthood.

Erick Modesto stands on the median of 34th Avenue smiling and looking into the camera. Behind him, a boy balances on the curb of the median while a woman holds his hand. Erick is wearing a traditional ballet folklorico costume.
Erick in a traditional ballet folklorico costume in March 2021

Erick Modesto

When Erick Modesto, Director of Ballet Folklorico Nueva Juventud, could no longer assemble his troupe indoors, he started holding dance rehearsals right on the street.

Alvaro and his father stand in front of the AT Jiu Jitsu NYC sign in the studio.
Alvaro and his father, Alvaro Senior, in AT JiuJitsuNYC's studio in November 2020

Alvaro Tautiva

Alvaro Tautiva was on the verge of shuttering his martial arts studio during the pandemic lockdown, but kept his business alive by moving lessons to 34th Avenue.

Esthi Zipori
Esthi Zipori on the Open Street in September 2021

Esthi Zipori

Esthi Zipori experiences 34th Avenue as both a street vendor and an academic researching sustainable mobility.